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In 2002, launched, it grew very quickly bevause it made peoples lives a lot easier when finding car insurance.

In 2005 they started home insurance , and now is a price comparison site. They’re not an insurance broker but they are there to make your life simpler when looking for many different types of insurances. They compare providers products and services to give you the one the is best value for money.

Public liability insurance is a common type of insurance taken out especially by small businesses. Public liability insurance may be a confusing to being with but by researching what is and isn’t covered, you can choose the right one for your business.


Straightforward results and did what I wanted without hassle.

I like to compare insurance on as it’s easy to find my way around the site and the information is clear

I did actually find it very confusing. One company in particular had several quotes and it wasn’t clear what the differences were. I was unable to save the one I wanted and I had to search again when I wanted to buy the insurance. It was not a pleasant user experience at all and it took a great deal of time.