Go Compare Public Liability Insurance

Go Compare Public Liability Insurance

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Go Compare.com was launched in 2006 and it was the first comparison site to display product features instead of just listing prices. With Gocompare.com you can also compare and buy financial, travel and business products. Their focus is to continually evolve the products and services they offer so they are always ahead of the curve in the comparison site marketplace.


Public liability insurance isn’t a legally required for your businesses, however they think it is a necessary safety measure you should consider if your business involves contact with any third party that isn’t an employee. If that person or object is hurt or damaged then public liability insurance will cover your legal costs and compensation.




Saved me loads of money, one very happy customer – Jamilla, Coventry


I got ripped off big time! – Tom, Southport


Go Compare is a brilliant tool to find quotes from different insurers – Beth, Towcester